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How Smart Home Technology Devices Enable Seniors To Live Independently

We have seen an increase in the smart home industries to make their devices easier to use and install. More importantly, any of the smart-home devices that you purchase today are able to connect directly to the Internet. This has offered a way for caregivers and close family members to keep track of elderly loved ones, even if they live miles away.

An Internet connection occurs so seamlessly and transparently, that it does not require any complex steps that need to be taken by a senior along without sacrificing any of their independence or privacy. Here are a few of the Internet-enabled smart home technology devices that promote independent living for seniors.

1. Sensors

Sensors serve the purpose of overall safety in the home, reporting or watching for flooding, fires, and break-ins. Yet there are far more things that sensors are able to do to ensure the well-being and safety of the stay-at-home seniors. Sensors that are applied to doors report when the person leaves the home as well as when they return.

Smart Home For Seniors

They can also be used for monitoring when refrigerators are opened and closed or medicine cabinets, which let the caregiver know when and if their loved one has eaten or taken medication.

2. Thermostats And Smart Lights

When mobility starts to decrease, finding ways to manage the home with less effort is one of the keys to living independently. The Smart-Lighting keypads are able to turn fixtures that are selected off and on automatically at specific times. When programmed adequately, smart-lighting can act as a reminder, by flashing lights when it is time to eat or take medication.

A Smart Thermostat can offer comfort to senior independent living by automatically maintaining the preferred temperature setting over the day without the need to fiddle with knobs, dials, or buttons. If the homeowner feels too cold or warm, they can easily adjust settings from a tablet or Smartphone.

3. Voice-Enabled Home Control

When the Smart products or devices are able to tie into the overall home-control system, which is controlled using voice commands, aging independently can become truly effortless. By using simple phrases, a senior is able to manage just about every aspect of the environment.

This can include temperature, security, lights, window shades, security and much more. One of the other benefits to these systems is the ability of the caregivers to access this system remotely through an Internet connection to check up on the well-being of their loved ones.

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