• Life

    Four and a Half Roads to New Years Goals

    It’s that time of year for New Years Resolutions again. We’ve all heard that the key to a successful life, career, or business is setting and achieving goals. Set goals. Post your goals. Track your goals. Goals, goals, goals, it all sounds so disciplined and exhausting.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love achieving things that are important to me. Without goals, I wouldn’t have gotten this far. But I needed a new way of looking at goals that didn’t tire me anymore. So I figured out four and a half ways to make my goals sticky and be fun. Use them for yourself and make 2007 the best year so far!

    • KNOW WHAT THE GOALS ARE: Go out and love someone / something! That’s right, LOVE IT !! Achieving things is not worth your time and energy if you are not passionate about it. We desperately need to get excited about our careers, our businesses and our lives again. If not, forget about other goals; they really don’t matter. Think about what you really want to get up in the morning.
    • DREAM BIG Everyone I know, that is, EVERYONE I know is getting older this year. So I say dream BIG, let yourself imagine what you really want to be true in your life. Because one day has passed and you can’t dream at all.
      Why the hell don’t you dream about big? If not now then when? If not you, who? What other rhetorical question do you need? As women, we constantly hear that small is beautiful. Forget about it! BIG is the BEST!
    • MAKE TARGETS FUN AND EASY TO REMEMBER For example, if your goal is to “lose weight”, word it in a different way that is positive, fun, and memorable. Try to “become a sensual goddess” or “calendar girl”. How can you not smile when you say these words ?! Your smile is already arranging!
      Even business goals can be presented in fun terms if you allow yourself a little slack and have fun. One of my goals this year is to keep exposing even more women to the Bodacious Way. (Psst! You can help me by sharing this with a carnal friend!} So you know how I formulated this goal? “More cleavage!” Get more exposure. I laugh every time I say this! And believe me, I won’t forget it !!
    • WRITE IT WELL, you’ve heard it billions of times. The fact is, when you write down something, your brain records it. To make your goals even more permanent, I suggest ADDING PICTURES to your words as this is what the brain remembers even better. Cut a picture from a magazine, put your picture to remind you of your best character or draw a funny figurine. I know this sounds a bit silly, but just DO IT! You will be happy.
      4 and a half. LIVE FOR CHANGES AND CHANGES
      The only big problem with goals is that they can easily be a fail setup. You’ve dreamed of big dreams and have written down fun, easy-to-remember goals, but if you can’t see that you’re achieving them, you’re more upset than if you didn’t set any goals!
      My solution: we need to set goals and concentrate our efforts, but we also don’t have to be rigidly attached to them. What I mean, when you take action to achieve your goals, be alert and open to what is happening in and around you. Open up new and better ways to get from point A to point B. In the process, you may even realize that the goal itself needs to be changed. If so, you are not a failure. The first goal was simply a way of reaching a new goal. You may not have realized this.
  • Home Decorating

    How a home can promote longevity with feel-good design principles

    Did you know that your home design can promote your health and wellness? It is not as far-fetched as it might seem at first glance. Seeing that a home is an environment where we spend a significant amount of time, it is natural to turn to home remodeling projects that contribute to our well-being. Homeowners are increasingly turning to wellness-oriented remodeling and renovation projects to create and maintain a healthier life.
    The latest results from the US national Houzz & Home report provide key information on the various reasons homeowners are considering making home improvements. More than 142,000 participants took part in the 2019 survey which listed the various priorities that inspired their remodeling projects. Design and functionality were rated higher (88 percent) than resale value (67 percent). Thirty-five percent of respondents said that prioritizing health issues (a subset in terms of design and functionality) was what drove their desire to improve their homes.
    The DIY industry abounds with a plethora of remodel products designed to increase happiness and longevity. These products range from plumbing products to motion-controlled faucets that promote hygiene to daytime lighting for better sleep quality.
    To better understand this concept of wellness design, we need to ask two questions. First, why are we turning to wellness design to improve quality of life? Second, what are these specific elements of a wellness project and how do you introduce them to make homes not only comfortable, but also healthy?
    What we require from our homes today
    It is an open secret that the home directly affects health and well-being. Think for a moment about what your home represents. Like most people, you are relying on your home to be your own sanctuary; an escape space where you will find peace and quiet after a stressful day at work.
    Shelter is made possible by the mechanics of deliberate design that provides relaxation and rejuvenation by incorporating attributes that enhance mental well-being. But how does this happen? When planning your home transformation, carefully consider factors such as the materials used in construction or remodeling, the layout of the floor plan, and the flow of natural light
    Essential attributes that contribute to well-being
    So you want better health, happiness and a longer life? Read on to find out how home remodeling can help.
    The Productivity Committee of the Whole Building Design Guide (WBD) lists the basic attributes required to create optimal interior space for well-being and includes:
    Improve the quantity (and quality) of natural light sources.
    You can achieve this by replacing smaller windows with larger ones and installing skylights that allow more natural light into the room. Well-lit, bright spaces have a positive effect on some mental health issues.
    Improve your connection with nature.
    Simple techniques such as placing plants in your home and providing access to window views make it easier to connect more closely with nature. Additional ideas include installing a fireplace or a fountain. Communing with nature is one of the best anti-stress methods. And is it also profitable.
    Increase your exposure to sensory diversity.
    Sensory stimulation – The strategic use of colors, the display of works of art and even the choice of curtains can change the mood in a room.
    Introduce personal control over environmental conditions.
    One of the ultimate goals of apartment wellness design is to encourage a sense of peace. This can be achieved by using smart storage solutions and spaces to stay organized.
    Improve ventilation and air flow.
    Indoor air quality can be improved by paying particular attention to the type of flooring solutions chosen. For example, solid wood flooring is generally considered a healthier choice. Linoleum flooring is another suitable alternative for those looking for a natural material with antibacterial and antistatic properties.
    Tips for home remodeling to consider
    To help your home offer a higher quality of life and create a healthier living space that will improve your health, the following home remodeling trends have been identified to promote wellness:
    • Natural, non-toxic flooring products
    • Cabinets presenting non-toxic materials
    • Water and air purification systems
    • Bidet toilets for better hygiene
    • Acoustic panels and ceiling tiles
    Homeowners are now adopting a new trend in the DIY industry – wellness design. We no longer carry out reconstruction projects just to improve the functionality, efficiency or aesthetic value of our homes. The focus has been on finding ways to improve the well-being of everyone living in the home.
    The house is the perfect place to promote the health and happiness of you and your loved ones. By incorporating the wellness design strategies outlined above into your overall home remodeling plan, you can create the framework for a healthier and higher quality of life.

  • Security

    Locksmith courses

    Locksmith courses are very dynamic in every respect. In addition to the level of knowledge to which locksmith trainees aspire, there is also the issue of specialization. To mention a few, there are locksmith courses, rescue and recovery courses, preventive locksmithing, and more. Then there is the application mode again, eg Locksmith courses only allow trainees to deal with combination locks, safes, car and car locks, forced entry or lock repairs. The beauty of locksmith courses is that an intern can specialize in one aspect and still remain relevant in the operational environment, regardless of technological advances and emerging trends. At most, locksmith refresher courses are available to keep locksmiths at their peak.
    In short, locksmith courses cover the following areas: preventive, corrective, perfect and innovative locksmithing. Preventive locksmith courses are based on methodologies used to secure locks against tampering and burglary. The main purpose is to stop unauthorized entry. Duplication of keys for the locks is also included. Perfect Locksmith Locksmith Courses offer training in how to improve existing locking technologies. Corrective locksmith courses mainly focus on repairing broken / damaged locks. Innovative locksmithing involves designing new technologies and lock mechanisms.
    There are many other specializations and it is up to the training organizers to tailor their courses to transform an aspirant into a complete locksmith, regardless of his / her specialization. At the same time, various locksmith courses guarantee the use of specific locksmith tools suitable for a specific practice. Courses cover both manual and automated locksmithing and trainees should be familiar with both approaches.
    At the end of the locksmith course, trainees receive certificates of completion and excellence. Successful trainees must also obtain licenses from the relevant regulatory bodies before they can start practicing. Good locksmith courses need to incorporate information from other disciplines, especially public relations and customer service. After the courses, participants will of course interact with a wider audience and a diverse clientele. Such additional skills are designed to transform locksmiths into full, all-round professionals at the end of the curriculum. Successful people will be able to find employment with recognized locksmith companies and even set up their own businesses.
    Identification of the best locksmith courses
    Not every locksmith course is suitable for novice locksmiths. A locksmith course may only be appropriate if it equips the trainee with the skills that the candidate needs to perform their duties. In any case, a trainee looking to pursue locksmithing for fun will not require the same locksmith course to hope for a career. Basically, however, a good locksmith course has to exhibit certain characteristics. First, the course must be set up to be easy to understand. Locksmithing is a delicate and difficult business right now; there is no need to complicate it with more complicated courses.
    The best locksmith courses also need to simulate the real environment. This guarantees the use of the most modern, modern tools and equipment along with the latest technology. There should also be support programs for successful students, including novice locksmiths.

  • Health

    Treatment of nail fungus

    Onychomycosis is an infection caused by living microorganisms when it attacks the toenail of the foot or hand. The fungus grows in a dark and damp place underneath and on the sides of the nail because there are micro spaces around the nails. The fungus finds a comfortable environment because it is protected by the nail itself. Gradually it locates under the nail and begins to digest the most valuable substance called “keratin”. Keratin is a material that wraps the nail and protects it from damage, and thus maintains its structure well. After the keratin is lost, the fungus begins to damage the toenail, and then the fungus grows and spreads.
    Nail fungus should be treated as soon as it is detected. This is because when it exceeds its limit, it is difficult to reverse the procedure and the only treatment is a local incision with removal of the diseased part. There are certain steps to follow when you detect something awkward that is happening to your fingernail. The first is a home remedy for onychomycosis. The fungus hates an acidic environment, which is why apple cider vinegar or white vinegar work wonders. You can take an eye dropper and directly apply these vinegars to the affected areas, including the cuticles.
    There are many essential oils such as lavender oil and olive oil. You can mix them or put individual ones. In addition to such oils, soaking the affected area is one of the most effective treatments for a fungal nail infection. You can soak in a special solution of acidophilus beer, essential oils and some disinfectant herbs. Neem is another significant herb that grows abundantly in India. You can use its oil or a decoction of its leaves to soak the affected area.
    There are Chinese medications like Fungo lotion etc that have proven results in treating various fungal nail infections. You can use them alone or get a combination. A group of experts believing that Listerine works very well against nail fungus when used either directly or in combination with any other antifungal agent. Some nutritionist advice on taking natural disinfectants such as garlic or ginger and black pepper to help boost immunity and kill microorganisms in your body.
    Allopathic counselors prefer to take certain oral antifungal medications to treat onychomycosis as a certainty in treating such infections. However, along with internal medications, some external treatments are recommended, such as washing the affected area with hydrogen peroxide as well. Dermatologists may suggest soaking the affected area with a solution containing Epsom salt, which has proven antifungal and disinfectant properties.
    Nail fungal infection requires hygienic care in addition to local and internal treatment. Put on washed socks and clean shoes. Powdered dust to disinfect inside socks and shoes is a good idea to maintain a healthy environment around your feet. The nail should be kept dry as a moist and humid environment promotes the growth and spread of the fungus.

  • Bathroom

    Quality of bathroom fittings

    What do you think you should get from bathroom faucets in terms of quality, product handling and even the way the water flows out of the faucets. But one of the most important factors to consider is imagining that you have put soap on your face and now want to open the bathroom faucets to wash the soap off your face, so do it with your eyes closed.
    Therefore, handling a battery should be as simple as handling it in the dark. I’m sure you are like me where the last thing you want to do is open your eyes when you have soap all over your face as it will sting it. That little soap age on your face when it started comes back to haunt you in your old age.
    Bathroom faucets should be well placed in the bathtub, as it is an important element of bathroom equipment. If installed and incorrectly connected to the water supply, it will over time start with small leaks that will get wet, followed by the inevitable large leak. So when a major leak occurs, if your bathroom faucets are above the kitchen or living room, imagine what this will happen to the rooms below. It will ruin not only the bathroom, but also the rooms below, damaged carpets, sofas and even kitchen cabinets.
    Bathroom faucets are easier to buy, but installing and installing faucets requires patience and common sense. When buying bathroom faucets, first of all make sure that they are environmentally friendly and thus save the planet in the long run, as well as your wallet, with a smaller bill. In my opinion, it is always better to hire a professional craftsman to assemble the faucet as the laborer would have experience in properly understanding faucet assembly procedures.
    You can try it yourself, but if you’ve never done something like this, I wouldn’t recommend you to do it. For example, if after one or two weeks your bathroom faucets start to leak, you will call the original dealer who fitted the faucets first, so you have some confidence such as a minimum one to two year warranty.
    When you buy new bathroom faucets to replace with old, leaking faucets, you need to make sure they match your existing bathroom set styling, as well as your basin faucets and ceramic wash basin. You don’t want to end up with one basin faucet as a white faucet and then having chrome faucets as bathtub faucets. That would confuse the entire bathroom and now it will never look like the best bathroom in the world, right? So take your time and research information on new bathroom faucets, because you’ll have to turn them on and off for the next decade.